over the last few years I have learned that RX-7 Production for North america started in March of 1978.  The cars start at vin #  500001 and go up,  The car I just bought, Pictured below is # 500195.

Currently the car has been put into a storage state and the plan is for a mostly Factory restore of the car.

The story
Two weeks ago rotarycrazy posted HERE that he had found a 3/78 car in a junk yard in Chesnee SC.  I requested and he gave me the name of the yard,  after a bit of yellowpages.com I found a phone number and talked to a guy at the yard.  He confirmed that they had some rx-7 and that they would sale cars whole.  I had to wait two full weeks before I could get there to see and try to buy the car.  It took about 5 minutes to find the car in the yard.  First Impression was DAMN it.  Winsheld is busted,  front end had been hit and new metal welded in, Rocker was crushed when they forked the car, no keys.   BUT Vin is # 195 and as a stoke of luck the last owner parked it with the front wheels straight (real important when you try to tow dolly a car with no keys.   I talked to them and worked a deal for XXX without any paper work.  So no title.  The yard manager took the forks off the Kamatosu and lifted the car by the rear and rolled/draged it out side the gate for me to pick it up later.  

The Differences
The car is a little different then any 79 I have owned,  Including the 9/78 I have.
Shifter is Different.
There is a metal vin plate in the door jab, Later ones are just a sticker there.
Carpet Covering the tail lights is attached different.
Has Keystone Mag wheels  <-  Most likely aftermarket
The bolts that hold the key switch in are run in from the bottem,  <- later cars  they thread in from the top.



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